KAMPANIA NA RZECZ RYSOWANIA. Strona w trakcie tłumaczenia... prosimy o cierpliwość


This resource complements the Power Drawing Big Draw Course. Ideas and helpful hints for organising a Big Draw in school, cultural venue or other setting.

You may also find the Planning advice within the Big Draw section helpful.

Liverpool’s Biggest Big Draw Ever (PDF)
Drawing ideas and inspiration from the Liverpool Big Draw 2008.

Big Draw Resource (PDF)
Devised to support anyone who would like to find out more about The Big Draw, or who is interested in organising a Big Draw event.

See also Power Drawing Publications

Drawing and environment

My Square Mile
Eileen Adams and the Design Commission for Wales, 2007
A book and CD of work by primary school pupils working with teachers and artists. Their work explores children’s perceptions of the Welsh townscape. The CD has over 500 images of townscape, children’s work and children at work.
Available as a book and CD from Design Commission for Wales, 4th Floor, Building Two, Caspian Point, Caspian Way, Cardiff Bay, CF10 4DQ
Available to download as a pdf on http://dcfw.org/education/mysquaremile

An Dealbh Mòr
Describes a Gaelic / English visual arts and performance project celebrating the landscape of South Skye.
Drawing was used extensively by primary school pupils and artists to record observations, develop ideas and create the final works.
Download (PDF)

Drawing Research Notebooks / Sketchbooks

Sketchbook – a Learning Journey
Published by Worcester Arts Education, 2008.
Publication and CD of images supporting the development of sketchbooks in primary and secondary schools. £15 from Worcester Arts Education, The Elgar Centre, Crown East Lane, Lower Broadheath, Worcester, WR2 6 RH.
Download (Word Doc)

Through the Sketchbook
An on-line resource devised by artist Lesa Moriarity to inspire artists, students and teachers.

Portuguese artist Eduardo Salavisa’s on-line sketchbook contains many different kinds of drawing, as well as an extensive bibliography.

Online Drawing Activities

Drawing Together is a Campaign for Drawing funded workshop for children and adults in partnership with Access Arts.

Draw! explores a broad range of drawing ideas.

Shy Drawing Loud Drawing involves making drawings inspired by how you are feeling.

Drawing Games (Word document) is a resource created by Flow Associates for The Campaign for Drawing and the Campaign for Learning to encourage family play and learning through creativity.

We welcome suggestions for further resources. Please email details to admin@campaignfordrawing.org.



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